Who is Madame Moon?

I'm not crazy, my reality is just different than yours

- Cheshire Cat


Madame Moon is a kooky creation thought up by me, a travelling circus performer!

I have travelled all over the world performing in glittering big tops and treading the boards of the most prestigious theatres. Trained in contemporary dance I stumbled into the life of a circus performer and once I was blinded by the spotlight I couldn't get enough. Whilst swinging high in the bigtop has always been my beating heart, the art of sewing runs thick through my veins. whilst on tour i began costume designing and creating, seam stressing is a skill which has been passed down to me through many generations and I was a natural at it. One day I wished I had a bumbag that was a little bit... well... more ME! so I decided to make one, and then i decided to make more... and Madame Moon was born! 
I am Madame Moon, the brand is close to my heart with products designed by me inspired by my life as a travelling trapeze artist, efficient bags with just a hint of glamour and mystique.